We realized there was one thing our customers wanted but we weren’t great at or well equipped with the proper tools and that was painting services. Within the last 5 years we have decided it was an important facet for a one-off or custom headlight build and look so we partnered with an industry professional, and we are happy we did! Our painter has over 10 years of experience at local renowned collision shops, access to the finest automotive paints and machines to allow him to get those custom colors just right. If you are looking to have your headlight internals painted or your taillights tinted with can confidently help you. Just note if the painting service is elected it usually adds approximately a week to the build, but rush orders can be organized if needed.

Lighting Services

When it comes to automotive lighting there are very few things we do not offer. We pride ourselves in custom headlights from halo installs, to LED board installs and dabble with projector retrofits and swaps. But we don’t sell ourselves short because we also offer Underbody, underhood, trunk and interior lighting as well. If you are looking for something unique rest assured we can probably do it or provide some guidance.


If it exists in the automotive lighting industry we sell it. We will be the first to admit our website does not reflect 90% of the products we have access to. We are aware it is something we need to address, but if there is something you would like and do not see it on the website, give us an opportunity and shoot us a message. We have access to thousands of products from The Retrofit Source, Led concepts,  AAC/Oracle, Colorwerkz, Lighting Trendz, custom brackets and designs, Klearz and Diode Dynamics to name a few.